>Spam, Scopes and Batman

>If you’re talking about the ‘Craft of Writing’, James Lileks is one of the best writers on the Blogisphere. He can make the most mundane thoughts seem interesting. I always get a chuckle out of reading his Bleats.
Lileks is to words as Picasso is to paint… Tiger is to golf… Michael Jorden is to basketball… Snoop Dogg is to music…
Just kidding about Snoop, I wanted to see if you were paying attention. Analogies fail me because I’m *not* a writer.
You should read his columns for a literary lift.
Here’s a sample:

“…I use the old NBC chime as my mail alert signal. Spam. Spam carefully worked to slip through my filters. They’re all for mortgages. Yes, nothing cements my confidence in an online mortgage provider like a letter whose misspellings are intentional attempts to defeat my filters.

Which reminds me: change of email. Now it’s all my first name at my last name dot com. It used to be the secret box I used when I needed a mailbox that wasn’t overgrown with spam like the other five, but I give up. Everybody into the pool! Abusive e-mail will be cheerfully ignored in favor of flattering e-mail that reinforces my fragile sense of worth.

God, I hate spammers. I hate them like I hate spray-paint vandals. Somewhere in the afterlife they will be repeatedly pounded in the nuts with Thor’s hammer, if there’s any justice…”

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  1. >”Picasso is to paint” Ehh, I can’t figure James as a cubist – he strikes me as more of an Art Deco guy.

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