Clark County Shooting Park

My longtime buddy, John Cahill, (who happens to be a Democrat), sent this good news to me:

Clark County Shooting Park:

“…The Clark County Shooting Park will bring new visitors and major sporting competitions to Southern Nevada. It will also help the county build on the success of other shooting and hunting-related events like the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Tradeshow (SHOT Show), which is expected to draw 40,000 visitors to Las Vegas this week.

“This facility will be a great asset for our Nevada shooters and visitors alike,” said Don Turner, the Clark County Shooting Park Manager. “I appreciate the effort of Senator Reid and the entire Nevada delegation in supporting this shooting park.”

The Clark County Shooting Park will also improve public safety. Southern Nevada’s rapid growth has created new developments that are encroaching on traditional shooting areas. The new Clark County Shooting Park will make sure that high-quality shooting facilities are available at a safe distance from local communities… “


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  1. So ol’ Dingy Harry serves up some pork for the local yokels. He’s trying to NRA-proof himself is my guess. Didja see where they’re gonna put that thing? Pretty remote – mapquest doesn’t even show any roads there, just a star in the middle of the desert.

  2. NRA-proof… yep, that’s the plan I guess.
    It would take a pretty strong challenger to unseat him, I’m afraid.

    Full Disclosure: Harry and I went to the same high school, he was 4 years ahead of me.
    In the 70’s his kid and mine were on the same soccer team.

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