>Super Bowl Commercial Review 2

I haven’t been impressed at all with this years crop of commercials.
The best one I’ve seen so far (up to the end of the Rolling Stones) is the trailer for Lost.
It’s a clever takeoff of the late Robert Palmer’s video “Addicted to Love”.
Remember all the Babes playing guitars with identical make-up and dresses?
They changed it to “Addicted to Lost”… very clever editing.

Not impressed with the Stones either, it seemed like they were just phoning it in.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the Flash Movie.


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  1. >I actually liked the Stones, much to my surprise. I hope I can move like that when I’m 60.I wasn’t impressed with the “Lost” ad, probably mostly because I am filled with incandescent rage whenever I hear a Robert Palmer song.I liked the FedEx spot with the cavemen. That was hilarious.

  2. >Oh yeah, I forgot the FedEx spot. That was pretty funny.Rage at Robert Palmer songs?I can see people getting torqued at that Chinese guy on American Idol or Kenny G. or Barbra Streisand, but Palmer?

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