>An Angel Broke My Fall

Well… maybe.

I was helping Mrs. Geezer hold Peaches the Pinto Pony for a little hoof maintenence. The ground was very muddy so I decided to climb over the pipes that make up the round-pen instead of walking through the pasture and getting my feet slimed.
Bad idea.
I stepped over the top of the rail and put my wet feet onto the middle rail, carefully avoiding the electric wire that shocks the horses.
Apparently I wasn’t careful enough because my wet boot touched the wire at the same time that I had a good grip (with both hands) on the top metal rail.

Remember in the Jurassic Park movie when the kid is holding onto the electric fence when they turn on the Zillion Volts? It blows the kid about 30 yards straight back.

Well, holding onto a metal pipe while touching electric wires gives you the same thrill.
I screamed like a little girl and fell on my back in the mud.
That’s where the Angel came in
I just narrowly missed hitting my spine on the metal armrest of the park bench that was sitting by the round-pen. Had to be divine intervention cause I’m not that coordinated.

UPDATE: I went out and took a picture. You can see my muddy bootprints on the pipe. The electric wire has now been covered by a plastic tube. I landed right next to the pointy arm rest.


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  1. >Whoa…glad to hear that you are OK.And is it wrong that I have a slightly comedic rendition of your incident now playing in my head? 🙂

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