Buffalo Soldiers

The Buffalo ~ 24 tons of Rolling Steel.

BUFFALO SOLDIER: Protecting Troops From IEDs:

“…On the dangerous, bomb-ridden streets of Abu Ghraib, the Buffalo is the only thing that will survive the blast of a hidden IED. Part indestructible robot and part bloodhound, the Buffalo allows troops to safely scrutinize the roads and clear deadly IEDs out of their way

In the hunt for roadside bombs, the best technology in the world doesn’t stand up against four sets of eyeballs.

“It’s not an exact science,” said Sgt. Rashe Hall of Company B, 27th Engineer Battalion from Fort Bragg, N.C. “It’s just the guys looking [for them].”

Hall leads a four-man team of soldiers in the large, six-wheeled, heavily armored beast known as the Buffalo to search the roads around Abu Ghraib…”


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