Rabbits Killed my Cherry Tree

I guess this comes under the heading of a Gardening Tip.

It really hasn’t been much of a severe winter, so there’s just no darn reason why the rabbits ate the bark on my cherry tree.

It’s Doomed.

Can you see the little rabbit-tooth-shaped strips running down the trunk?
Once the bark on any tree gets removed all the way around, ‘girdled‘, the tree will die…
No if’s, and’s or but’s.
That’s why it’s also important not to hit the trunk with your Weed Whip.

I made some anti-rabbit guards out of old 1-gallon plastic pots. Cut the bottom off and cut a slit down the side.
Put it around the tree and you might be safe.

As always, click on the pictures for a larger view.

I forgot to mention that we have about 30 wild bunnies around our property.
Mrs. Geezer was trying to tell a florist how to get to our house and she suddenly exclaimed “Oh I know your house, it’s the one with all the rabbits”.


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  1. The recipe is called “hasenphefer” (sp?)

  2. Must mean rabbit stew in German.
    Don’t think the thought hasn’t crossed our mind.

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