Red Square Flash Game

Several people have emailed me the link to this game.

My best score was about 43 seconds.

I challenge Difster and Bubblehead to beat my score.


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  1. I got about 20 seconds, but now my youngest has taken over the computer…
    Are you sure you aren’t on a slow dial-up connection, RG? I’ve heard that makes it easier to beat…
    I’ll get to work on bettering my score.

  2. 51+ seconds… after my kids came in and showed me the pattern.

  3. I could only get 18.777…

    But I might try again tomorrow.

  4. Wow… Mike, you da man. (with mad Photoshop skilz).

    Be sure to check out Mike’s cartoons.
    You can add them to your blog.

  5. That’s just disturbing. I got something like 15 seconds.

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