>Red Square Flash Game

Several people have emailed me the link to this game.

My best score was about 43 seconds.

I challenge Difster and Bubblehead to beat my score.


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  1. >I got about 20 seconds, but now my youngest has taken over the computer…Are you sure you aren’t on a slow dial-up connection, RG? I’ve heard that makes it easier to beat…I’ll get to work on bettering my score.

  2. >51+ seconds… after my kids came in and showed me the pattern.

  3. >I could only get 18.777…But I might try again tomorrow.

  4. >Wow… Mike, you da man. (with mad Photoshop skilz).Be sure to check out Mike’s cartoons.You can add them to your blog.http://ipsofactocomic.typepad.com

  5. >That’s just disturbing. I got something like 15 seconds.

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