Separated at Birth

Doug M. is one of the frequent commenters at SondraK’s blog.

Somehow I saw this photo of him. I showed it to Mrs. Geezer and she said “Who took that picture of you?”

Several people have thought the same thing.

I thought it would be fun to match Doug’s photo with a photo of me.

Guess which one is me.

SondraK put up a really cool Rollover, check it out.


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  1. A laptop, booze, and a double-barrelled shotgun. And one of you even has a cigar. Damn, you guys sure know how to relax.

  2. I’ll take a wild guess that the one labeled “dougtwin” is probably RG.

  3. Aw, dbs, that’s cheatin’ to look at the Properties.

  4. By “cheatin” I mean, of course, that I didn’t think of it first.

  5. Well, I’m the one with the ceiling fan.
    It took Mrs. Geezer about an hour to get me posed just right. In the sequence of photos you can actually see the liquid level diminish in my glass.

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