Swarming Starlings

We have a lot of different birds in Idaho. We don’t have Mockingbirds like we did in Las Vegas but we have some pretty interesting songbirds and brightly colored finches. Not to mention the mated pair of Red-Tailed Hawks that live out in the field.

We also have a zillion Starlings. Most everybody I’ve talked to despises them. They are noisy and messy.

They pick big trees to roost in for the night. In the morning they all swarm out and go …Somewhere… I’m not sure where. This morning I stood outside in the frosty air for a solid 2 minutes, and watched them pass by in a steady stream as they headed south. There were literally thousands. They reminded me of those schooling fishes that you see on the National Geographic channel.

This afternoon when they returned to the roosting trees, I was ready with the camera.

First a small group landed on the powerlines by the neighbors house. They totally covered the lines and the upper crossmember.

Then they all went down to the trees, in the pasture to the north. The last two pictures give you an idea of how they make the trees look dark with all their bodies.

Click to enlarge the photos for more detail.


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  1. I really like the partridges we have around here…

  2. You miss mockingbirds? A few years ago a mockingbird took up residence in my yard. He could perfectly imitate a car alarm – a loud, obnoxious, siren-type car alarm. And he loved to make this noise in the wee hours of the morning. I hated that bird. I really mean it.

  3. RG–Where I’m at, it’s Canada geese 24/7. Thousands and thousands and thousands of the buggers. Beautiful birds though, I never get sick of seeing them.

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