>Saudi Bride

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Dang, I hope this is Photoshopped. That guy looks like Rondo Hatton.
Do you remember Rondo?
He was a creepy looking guy that played in some horror movies. He died in 1946 but they made a Rondo Hatton mask for the villain in The Rocketeer which was filmed in the early 1990’s.

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Rondo was a nice looking, athletic young man in Tampa, Florida. In his late teens he began showing the first effects of acromegaly (pituitary giantism which strikes late in life). During army service in WWI the distorting effects grew very rapidly, attributed (incorrectly) to mustard gas. The main result was extreme facial deformity.


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  1. >Here is the real story on the bridal photo.

  2. >Yeah, I thought that had to be Photoshopped, the ear didn’t look right.Thanks, DBS.

  3. >The edge of the collar is too lumpy. Collars can be a real pain in the keester, that way.

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