Judge gives the Finger to Chili Finger Scammers.

Good news for law and order advocates.
I wonder if Chili will be on the menu in prison.

“…A Nevada couple who cooked up a scheme to plant a severed finger in a bowl of Wendy’s chili to extort money from the fast food chain were sentenced Wednesday to lengthy prison terms.

Anna Ayala, 40, who said she bit into the finger, was sentenced to nine years in state prison.
Her husband, Jaime Plascencia, 44, who supplied the finger, was ordered locked up for more than a dozen years….”

Nev. Pair Sentenced in Chili Finger Case:

In a related story:
“…She later withdrew the claim as scrutiny of her find grew. Investigators found that she had filed numerous legal claims against businesses in her name or for her children.

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