>Governor Wants to Send us $100

>Governor Dirk Kempthorne, in his State of the State address wants to send $50 to every resident.
Guess who’s against it? Surprise, it’s the Democrats.

“…Kempthorne told some emotional stories about Idahoans who were having difficulty paying bills.
There’s about $214 million in extra state revenue right now.

In his address to the lawmakers, Kempthorne estimated giving $50 back to nearly every state resident would cost about $63 million.



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  1. >Oklahoma rebated $45 per taxpayer this year.

  2. >Nevada did that (after I got here, but before I had paid any taxes, so I got the shaft).I think a rebate is kind of dumb, because the bureacracy eats up too much in disbursing the funds properly to justify the paltry sums. It makes more sense just to roll the surplus into the next year and reduce tax revenue by a corresponding amount.Of course, it’s better than just spending it because it’s there.

  3. >On the other hand, that’s $45 per person being put out into the economy. That’s got some worth by itself.

  4. >As for me, this proposal is NO more stupid than the JFAC approved raise of 3% to state employees. Is the raise a good idea? Of course it is, should have been at least 7.5%. But our great intelligent legislature voted on the (3)% to be a (merit) raise leaving the top heavy manament to decide how much of a “raise” they can keep for themselves.Don’t know about you,but I think this STINKS!Swede1

  5. >Wait a minute, let me get this straight. There’s about 1.2 million of us, right? So it costs $52.50 to send out a $50 check. Did I get that right? It costs more to cut me a check than the value of the check.Shoot, give me twenty mil and I’ll get all those checks cut for you, Mr. Governor.

  6. >Good point, boysmom.I didn’t bother to do the math.That’s pretty unbelievable.

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