>Aging Beauties

I’m including a photo of one of my personal favorites, Jill St. John.
This is a shot from the James Bond movie “Diamonds Are Forever”, which I actually worked on.
What did I do?
Was I Miss St. John’s personal assistant?
Was I in charge of feeding the fish in the waterbed?
Was I the guy who polished the gold telephone?

Click the link
to find out.

H/T Tahoe Red.


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  1. >I spoke with Elke Sommer on the phone once. I worked for American Express and she was calling in to report a lost card. If she reads this, Hi Elke!

  2. >Wow! Very cool RG. Funny, I just watched this movie yesterday – AMC had a Bondathon running.Lemme guess – you both like lying around on white fur rugs?

  3. >Deborah Kerr and Jane Russell are still alive! I had no idea. OK, what do you and Jill St. John have in common? You both saw Sean Connery without his toupe! You shared the same manicurist! You were a redhead before you became a silver fox! You have both snuggled with Robert Wagner! Am I getting warm?Elzbth

  4. >Elzbth, no but those are some pretty funny guesses.If anybody gets it right, I’ll confess.

  5. >No Raquel Welch? No Jane Fonda?Sure Fonda is a left wing crank, but you can’t watch Cat Ballou or Barbarella without noticing she was hot in her day.

  6. >DBS has some good points, I’ll have to do some more research.

  7. >Alright, now I am curious. Let’s see…you share a birthday! You are both allergic to fake fur! Shellfish! Wool! You both cried at “Ol’ Yeller”! You both have a birthmark shaped like Bolivia on your left buttock! Have a heart. Give us a clue.Elzbth

  8. >Clues huh…OK, Jill and I have this in common with:Madonna (Singer)Geena Davis (Actress)Sharon Stone (Actress)Bill Gates (CEO, Microsoft)Jill St. John (Actress)James Woods (Actor)John H. Sununu (Chief of Staff for President Bush)Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister)Judging by those names, you would think that the correct answer is that we ALL read Jack’s blog.That’s probably true, but not the answer I was looking for.

  9. >That’s probably true, but not the answer I was looking for.Duh. Now it’s obvious. You’ve all had sex with Civetta.

  10. >Good one…True, but not on the same day.

  11. >Those beautiful women are THAT old?All are older than me, but only by a couple years, and I feel old! So, you and Jill,and Gates!!?? et al shave your legs.

  12. >Well… actually we shave each other’s legs.But that’s not it either.

  13. >Here’s a more accurate clue:1. Geena Davis2. Scott AdamsCreator of the internationally syndicated comic strip “Dilbert.”3. Norman Schwarzkopf Google that and you’ll have the answer.

  14. >You are all left handed?

  15. >That would be funny if it’s the truth. I was going to joke that everyone on RG’s list was a left winger, but that seemed too mean.

  16. >I refuse to believe that a country bumpkin like you belongs to Mensa. I’m sticking with the Civetta theory.

  17. >Thanks for some pretty interesting and funny guesses.Here’s the correct answer. http://blogidaho.biz/answer.html

  18. >Wow! A Lighting Technician with a high-watt brain!

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