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Here are two 1 Litre measuring cups.

The one with the red markings is a Pyrex, like your Mom used to have.
The other one is made by Pampered Chef.

Both of them are made in the USA, in case you were wondering.

One spout is poorly designed. When you pour anything, it runs down the side of the cup and makes a mess.

The other one works just fine.

Take a look at both pictures and guess which one makes a mess.


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  1. >Apparently you fail to appreciate the prestige of owning expensive kitchenware.

  2. >You’re absolutely correct sir.Mrs. Geezer admits to buying them in a moment of weakness at a Pampered Chef party.I wouldn’t even bother using it but I cracked the Pyrex cup that I use to pour water into the coffee maker.

  3. >I see you have the utilitarian outlook which is typical of old farts who have forgotten what it’s like to try to impress chicks.Frankly, I fear this is presently happening to me also.I recently needed a new truck (my daughter needs my current ride), so today I simply called up and placed a factory order for the 2006 version of the same damn thing. Same V8 engine, 4X4, same appointments. Just didn’t want to shop around. This may be a sign that I’m getting old.I thought about getting one of those cool GPS navigation systems, which also means you’re going to buy a really cool sound system. That would impress chicks. Then I found out this would cost about $2,000, and I’m thinking, whoa, how often do I use MapQwest anyway?I did decide to try a different color. Woo Hoo!

  4. >It could just mean that you know what you like and don’t want to waste time f’ing around when you already know what you want.

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