>It’s a List!

>Gotta get some content…
Gotta get some content…
Gotta get… Hey, I know. I’ll do a LIST.

I stole part of this list from Jen at Demure Thoughts.
Her answers are somewhat different from mine.
Feel free to put your own list in the comments.

Five things worth paying extra for:

  1. High Speed Internet
  2. Defrosting mirrors on your vehicle
  3. More RAM in your computers
  4. The best computer you can afford at the time
  5. Macs

Five Places I would vacation if I won the Powerball:

  1. Alaska cruise
  2. Gulf of Mexico cruise
  3. RV across America
  4. England, Ireland, Scotland
  5. Australia / New Zealand

Five Of Life’s Guilty Pleasures:

  1. Blogging
  2. Playstation 2
  3. Online Video Gaming
  4. Spending money on Mrs. Geezer
  5. Playing Harmonica with the band… any band…

Five Things I refuse to go without:

  1. High Speed Internet
  2. My Bluetooth earpiece for my cellphone
  3. Computers – Duh
  4. A Good Flashlight
  5. Gerber Multi-Tool

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  1. >Alaska cruise eh? Funny, my parents are intent on celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with one. They’re gonna renew their vows too.

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