I’m Baaaack

Sorry for not blogging for a bit, I could lie and say that I was too busy because:

  • I won $14,000,000 on the lottery and have been spending it like mad.
  • Paul Anka called and wants me to do his Reunion Tour.
  • I discovered a cure for the common cold using common table scraps.
  • I’m building a 24,000 sf home in my backyard.
  • Seven Supermodels dropped by for a few days of relaxation.

But the embarrassing fact is that I have been doing THIS, online waay too much this past week.

Anybody else admit to doing this kind of thing?

I promise I’ll be better.

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Just another Old Retired Geezer in the Spud State.

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  1. Oh bummer, I see you’ve got the PS2 version. I have the PC version. Between it and Civ IV, I haven’t used my Xbox in nearly a month.

  2. Yeah, but I’ve ordered my Secret Weapon

    It’s an adaptor that allows me to plug in my mouse and keyboard to control my PS2.

    I’m sure you’ll agree that is the only way to play.

    What’s your Screen name?

    I’m RetiredGeezer

    I’m guessing that the games might be mutually exclusive.

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