>Difster: Shower Czars

“…Believe it or not, Federal law restricts water flow from faucets (including showers) to 2.5 gallons per minute. That’s perfectly fine for the bathroom sink but let’s face, it makes for a pretty lousy shower…”

My buddy, Difster, has a good post about Showers, Toilets and Government Intervention. Go read it.

Difster: Shower Czars:


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  1. >Welcome back RG! I was beginning to think, “Gee he really took that Lou Rawls thing pretty hard!”As for the showerhead thing, yeah that went into effect around ’93. They also regulate toilets too – 1.6 gallons per flush, no more. Faucets too, 1.5 gal/min max flow as I recall. The early low flow toilets were not very good. Manufacturers typically measure flush-effectiveness by how many ping-pong balls they can flush at one time. Since people don’t usually, uhhh, emit ping-pong balls, it wasn’t a very good test. Much clogging ensued. But happily the newer ones are much better. Same with the showerheads. I got one lower-flow (2 gpm I think) in one shower and a new Japanese ultra-lower-flow (1.5 gpm I think) in another. They work fine. In fact you probably wouldn’t even notice the difference.All this stuff falls under the Uniform Plumbing Code.There’s some Republican Congress-critter who’s always pushing to overturn the toilet thing (I forget his name) but he never really gets anywhere.

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