Most Expensive Food Sold by Pound?

The average Blog Idaho reader has excellent taste. That’s obvious because you’re here now.
I’m not above pandering to you luxury-lovin’ lunatics.

“Plenty of things scream luxury and excess: Bentleys, Tiffany, Versace… But when it comes to pimping your palate, the choices might not be as obvious. Luxury food items can be rare and aren’t often found at the local food mart. Does Wal-Mart price-match Beluga caviar?

For Robin Leech-style extravagance in the kitchen, two items set the bar. The spice saffron has built a reputation for being more expensive than gold — fetching up to $2,700 per pound in recent years…”

Which is the most expensive food item sold by pound?:


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  1. I been thinking on getting some saffron crocuses started in a half-barrel.
    Can’t make paella without it.

    OT: RG, look at the wee cuties! Awww.

    I’d still eat one, though.

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