>Lou Rawls ~ R.I.P.

Jazz Legend, Lou Rawls died today. He was much more than a Jazzman, he was a great song stylist. He had that instantly recognizable voice that sold a zillion records.

He was actually the last act that I did the Lighting Design for, before I retired from Show Biz.
I had moved to Idaho and wasn’t planning on going back to Vegas to work when my boss called me and told me to come back and light one last show. I wasn’t happy about it but I went back to Vegas and did the lighting. I was glad I did. He put on a great show and he was very friendly and polite. I was standing in front of the stage during the rehearsal, taking notes when he walked over and said, “Hi, I’m Lou”.
“Hi Lou, I’m Pat the Lightman”.
(you didn’t think my name was Retired Geezer, did you?)
If I remember correctly, his opening act was Nancy Wilson.


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  1. >He was a class act. I wore off the tape coating on Tobacco Road on my reel to reel.

  2. >Yeah, Tobacco Road and Stormy Monday were two of my favorites. I’m pretty fond of “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Ours” too. Lou just gets into the groove on that one.

  3. >Really sorry to learn of his passing, I wasn’t aware that he had been ill for so long. Just this past November I purchased his Christmas album, (I believe it’s a reissue) and it quickly became a new favorite.

  4. >Wait…I thought your real name was “Man of Substance?” Now I’m confused…actually, I was wondering what that “P” stood for!Random trivia: my mom and her friends went to see one of Rawls’ last-ever concerts up in Connecticut at Mohegan Sun casino. They had a great time. RIP, Lou.

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