Top Fifteen Songs

Jack over at Letters from Desolation Row posted his Top Ten Song List.

I posted my list in his comments but then I decided to post it here too:

Oooh you kids and your Rockin’ Roll.
Here’s a Geezer perspective in no order.
I wanted to list my favorite, slightly obscure songs. I had trouble keeping it down to 15.

Little River Band – Long Way There
Featuring one of the all time best guitar solos… ever.

Loggins and Messina – Angry Eyes
7 minutes and 42 seconds chock full of excellent Guitar, Flute, and Sax solos behind a driving Bass and Drum bottom.

Foreigner – Urgent
Speaking of Killer Sax Solos, rumor was that Junior Walker just happened to be recording in an adjacent studio and they needed a Sax lick. The rest is history.

Alannah Myles – Our World, Our Times
She of Black Velvet fame. When I played this song on my iPod for one of the Showgirls in my show, she said “Man, that’s Humpin’ Music”.
Enough said.

Doors – Riders on the Storm
Dark Poetry from a guy who was born on the same day as me. Simple trio music. One reason I like it is that I taught myself to play the piano solo note-for-note.

Mike & The Mechanics – Mea Culpa
From my all-time-favorite-album, Begger on a Beach of Gold. It was hard to pick just one song for this list.

Journey – Separate Ways
Steve Perry’s amazing voice, strong instrumentation… I have it as a Ringtone on my cellphone.

Boston – Foreplay/Long Time
Sure all their songs sound the same but they were radically different when they first came out.

Lorena McKennett – Prologue / Mummers Dance
Blew me away the first time I heard the album. You’ve heard this too but you might not know it.

Doobie Brothers – Clear As The Driven Snow
I had the honor of doing their lighting one night in Vegas when they showed up at my hotel without a Lighting Director.

Eagles – Get Over It
An Anthem for our time.

Fleetwood Mac – Gold Dust Woman
Something about this song just turns me on.

Johnny Hates Jazz – Shattered Dreams
One of those ‘perfect songs’ everything worked; intro, lyrics, tune, solos, vocals.

Afro Celt Sound System – Eireann
Who? …Yeah, I like some ‘World Music’ too. You might also.

It’s A Beautiful Day – White Bird
Sixties group that mixed good vocals with excellent violin solos.


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  1. No Pink Floyd? Have you never marveled at the majesty of Shine on You Crazy Diamond? Never wondered at the auditory awesomeness of Echoes? Never cocooned yourself in Comfortably Numb?


  2. Good choices for sure and yeah, I was a PF Fanboy way-back-when. Grabbed my list on the fly from my iPod and I haven’t put any Floyd in it yet.

  3. Uh huh. Wuzzafan.

    Mostly kidding RG, my own player is relatively Floyd-free too these days. Even if you absolutely love a band/album/song you can only listen to them/it/it so many times.

    Tomoyasu Hotei has several entries on my player. One of his songs was the signature sound for the movie “Kill Bill”. I bought a couple of his albums on Amazon – great stuff. Actually there were a lot of good songs from the soundtracks of both movies.

    Hey, have you ever seen Blue Man Group? That show is amazing, and they have two albums out, “Audio” & “The Complex”. Both of them are really good.

    Anyhoo, keep on rockin’ RG!

  4. Mrs. BrewFan and I saw Blue Man Group in Chicago a couple of years ago. Excellent show. They’re really quite talented percussionists on top of their comedy schtick.

  5. I have actually run a Spotlight for the Blue Man Group many times at the Luxor hotel in Vegas. Are they still there or did they move down the street to another hotel?

  6. RG,

    According to their web site they are now at The Venetian.

  7. My favorite part of the show was when they would bring up a girl to sit at the table with them and then have her imitate their movements. Every night it was different.

  8. Excellent list Geezer. Quite a few of those are among my favorites as well.

  9. I talked to a guy running a Blue Man Group kiosk at the Fashion Show Mall and he said the show has been changed since it was at the Luxor, so I’m interested in seeing it again.

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