Freighter Aground

My friend sent me some photos of a freighter that ran aground about 1.5 miles away from his house in Mexico.

I’ll post more photos if y’all want.

H/T Kelso.


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  1. This is real cool! I work with an organization called Homes of Hope which is apart of YWAM. We have an old hotel/base of operations that is just a half mile from this ship in Ensenada.

    I saw it last week with my own eyes. Apparently she got washed up on the beach during a big storm several weeks ago. The shipping company is trying to remove as many containers via heli-lift before the next full moon, taking advantage of the storm tide also at that point to try and pull this ship free.

    She’s beached pretty far up the beach… I don’t believe they will be able to pull her free, which is too bad ’cause she’s a pretty new ship.

    My ball park guess is that they will fail and eventually have to scrap her to pieces.


    I am going down this wednesday through the weekend to photog a group that is building 10 home in Ensenada, I’ll see if she is still there or not and get an updated photo myself.

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