What’s the bestselling video game of all time?

“That depends — are you talking arcade, console, or PC? According to Time Magazine, The Sims is the bestselling PC game of all time. It passed perennial powerhouse MYST in 2002….”

I never could get into the Sims. My all time favorite is Half-Life which I’ve played mostly on a PC. I’ve played it on a PS-2 also but the PC version is better. The only reason I would buy an expensive PC with a good graphics card is to play Half-Life 2. I think it’s available for X-box also.

What’s the bestselling video game of all time?


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  1. I vividly recall the chaos in 1990 that the release of Super Mario 3 created. Allegedly Nintendo withheld production to drive up demand and my folks wound up paying some ridiculous amount of money ($150?) to a small quasi-legal electronics store to acquire a copy for my 14th birthday.

    I think I stayed up 72 consecutive hours playing it. Ah, memories…

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