We Have a Winner #1

One of the winners in my 50,000th visitor contest is Rex Dart, Eskimo Spy. I hope I don’t blow his cover if I tell you he’s from Beaver Creek, Minnesota. He was kind enough to send this photo of his horse Whitey, proudly wearing the blogidaho.com cap and biting the hand that feeds him. Rex’s nose is a little red because the temperature is about 0 degrees.

Whitey is a Registered Spanish Mustang, here’s a photo of him and his main squeeze, Cheyenne, in warmer times. The rolling hills kind of look like Idaho (the Banana Belt anyway).

Rex has recently started his own blog at

I’ll post photos of the other two winners when they send them.


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  1. That horse looks possessed.

  2. Yeah, it’s the flash, it turned his eyes white.
    Rex don’t look all that stable himself.


  3. I owe you a picture…hopefully I’ll get my stuff together in early January and find a more photogenic subject (although props to Rex for originality!).

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