Three Bird Sunrise

It’s kind of like a Three Dog Night, only different.

I got up this morning and stood out on my front porch in the cold, waiting for the sunrise. I shot about 45 photos, trying to capture the moment.

Click the photo to enlarge it enough to see the 3 birds.
3 birds… what birds?
The closest bird, on the pine tree is a Magpie.
You can see two Red-Tailed Hawks, one on the top horizontal bar on the left power pole and one on the next power pole. They are a mated pair. The one on the left just swooped down and got a gopher (I hope) or mouse.

There are two bunnies on the ground below the pine tree, out of the picture.


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  1. That is neat. Bragging-I picked out those two hawks, but did not know what type of bird they were.

    I enjoy your site.

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