>Gun Safety ~ Madison Avenue style

Standard Disclaimer: It’s Old, Fake or Photoshopped.

It’s still funny.

This is what happens when you let non-gun-owners design your marketing campaign.

(The bullets are in the magazine backwards)

H/T Parson Colt.

Welcome Carnival of Cordite visitors.
Owen says, in the comments, that he owns one of these brochures, they were handing them out at the SHOT show.


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  1. >That’s just freaking hillarious!I wonder if it is fake or not though. If it’s fake, they did a dang fine job!

  2. >It’s not fake. They were handing those out at the SHOT show.I have one.

  3. >Wow, that’s too funny.That’s one of the things I miss about living in Vegas, going to the SHOT show.uh… is it still in Vegas?

  4. >always good to call things what they are: the “cartridges” are backward in the magazine.

  5. >Doh… So you’re saying I could get a job in advertising?

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