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  1. First negative thing I’ve ever posted on your blog, Mr. Geezer:

    We as bloggers, who blog for a creative outlet for our minds, need to do something creative.

    Things that are not creative:

    Doing meme-lists or even passing them on
    Entering “best-blog” contests

    The whole idea in blogging, I thought, and have been confirmed by observation, is to put your thoughts on the Internet for whoever wants to read them.

    Doing any of the above three wastes of time is counterproductive to that process, and I refuse to indulge in it.

    OK, confession, I got suckered into a gun-oriented meme-list a while back.

    I’m a minor blogger. I write almost as many posts as I get comments, but that doesn’t bother me and I’m not driven to kick my blog into some greater category. The fact that I’m still blogging after almost 1,000 posts tells me that I’m not in it for the glory.

    The only thing that I do that could remotely be involved with puffing up my readership is to use topical keywords in some of my post titles, since many readers these days use search engines before they read.

    Blogging is a mental exercise, but not an ego exercise, or shouldn’t be, anyway.


  2. Rivrdog: Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I’m happy that you feel comfortable enough here to say something that might be controversial.
    I appreciate your comments and you deserve an answer.

    There are a few reasons I recommended some of my blogging ‘friends’ for awards. One is that they helped and encouraged me when I was just starting out, either with questions about protocol, ideas or mechanics of doing something on the blog. Endorsing them just seemed like the polite thing to do.

    Also, by helping like-minded people win an award, it might cause more people to view their blog and be exposed to ideas which I feel are more in tune with mainstream America and of a higher moral value (Garfield Ridge notwithstanding).
    I have certainly visited a lot more blogs than I normally would. Some I liked and have bookmarked and some were just as I feared.

    Not everybody who I recommended even has me on their blogroll, so it wasn’t a quid-pro-quo type of deal.

    I blog for a couple of reasons, mostly to share links with my friends without sending emails to all of them. I have met a couple of bloggers in person and they were just as I imagined and I feel I know a bit about the character of the ones I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting.

    I admit there is a certain thrill to climbing up the ecosystem and seeing the sitemeter stats grow but I think we agree that it isn’t the main reason.
    Anyway, thanks for the comment and please keep coming back.

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