>Synchronized Christmas Lights

>I used to make good money programming lights to music.

Then I retired and moved to I-Dee-Ho.

Trust me, it’s better.

Here’s the story about the guy with the outstanding Christmas lights.

…”He spends nearly two months hooking up 25,000 lights, then programs them to dance to Christmas music.

Hundreds of cars drive by his house north of Cincinnati every night to see the display, which also is posted on several Internet sites.

‘So far, everyone’s been really courteous,’ Williams said on NBC’s ‘Today’ show Monday. ‘I told the neighbors, I told the sheriff, if they get any complaints, I’ll shut it down, because the neighbors are more important to me than the Christmas lights. I do the Christmas lights for myself.'”…

Man Decks House With Synchronized Lights:


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  1. >I forgot to mention that he doesn’t have big speakers outside. He has the music transmitted through a low-power FM transmitter. People pick it up on their car radios.

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