>Sign of the Apocalypse?

You be the judge.

Scroll down a couple of posts for news about the free t-shirt.


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  1. >49,631 – a couple more days should get you there. Oh, and did you just recently go from a “Flippery Fish” to a “Crawly Amphibian”?

  2. >You’re from Idaho, too, huh? So how you like this weather? It seems a little early this year to me, like what we ought to have in January. Looks like we might break freezing Monday around these parts; I’m in the southeast. You know, I wandered over here from Billy D’s. I haven’t found very many other Idahoans blogging.Stay warm out there.

  3. >Yeah, it seems a bit early for the cold and it feels colder than it really is.Thanks for stopping by. I’m sad that Billy is going to quit but it must be important reason.We went to Narnia last night at midnight. You’ll love it.

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