The Crying Game

Victor Davis Hanson discusses the intellectual level of wartime criticism.

…”Yet as they [the Democrats] hedge — on television praising Congressmen Murtha who advocates withdrawal, but making sure they vote overwhelmingly on the record to reject his advice — they should consider some critical questions.

First, are the metrics of this war in the terrorists’ or our favor?
Are the Iraqi security forces growing or shrinking?
Are elections postponed or on schedule?
Are Europe, Jordan, Lebanon, and others more or less sympathetic to a war against Islamic terrorism in Iraq?
Are bin Laden, Zawahiri, and Zarqawi more or less popular or secure after we removed Saddam?
Is al Qaeda in a strengthened or weakened position?
Is the Arab world more or less receptive to democracy in the Gulf, Egypt, Lebanon, and the West Bank?
And is the United States more or less vulnerable to a terrorist attack as we go into our fifth year since September 11?”…

Very Interesting ~ VDH’s Private Papers::The Crying Game:


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  1. Hey, hey now. There’s no room for truth and factual information in this. C’mon now. We only use “feelings” in these type arguments.

  2. 1016th reserve in Idaho
    Someone with the 1016th completely stole my heart with a look in his eyes. I know his name and he knows mine, but I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again. I laughed for 2 incredible days – Nov.26th and early Nov.27th, but since this morning (11/27/05) I’ve cried my eyes out, not knowing if he’s going to war and I’ll never see those eyes again.

    Lost in Idaho…Tana

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