>Babes in TV Land

Here’s One. Hot. Babe.
It’s Melissa Theuriau, a News Anchor who happens to be…

I think I would watch her newscast, even though I wouldn’t understand it.

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  1. >Nice looking news babe, and I couldn’t get enough, so I scrolled all the way through the pictures.Down at the bottom were three come-on pix of babes here in my own burg, Gresham, OR. Very curious.As a retired cop, I don’t believe in co-incidence. This site, “fresh99”, must have some sort of hook that figures out my location by my IP address, or worse, is linked to a data-miner that has looked up my entries on the ‘net and deduced my location from those entries.That’s a dangerous thing to link to, sir. If I didn’t spend several hours per week making my computer bulletproof against BHOs, viruses and other sorts of improper entries into it, I would be somewhat worried after viewing the pictures.I opened a new browser tab and went to their main site, and again, on the main page, on the left column, were “hotties” from my hometown. I didn’t click on any, because that would have been opening Pandora’s Box.This site is probably a “soft” window that opens on hard porn if you click your way though it.Just a warning.Rivrdog

  2. >Thanks, Rivrdog, for pointing that out. I have removed the link.

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