>Stingy States

>…”Two things that I have learned about about the poor in my life are: The poor always help the poor, and Christians are incredibly generous to the poor. Say what you want about the poor, but if a poor person is in trouble, other poor people will always go the extra mile to help them out. When you’re poor you tend to really understand what other poor people are going through. To be able to say ‘Been there, done that’, means way more coming from a poor person than it does to the *Marcus Van Buelenheimer III’s* of the northern states.

Southerners value religion, and Christians are notorious when it comes to donating. Christians don’t think twice when they’re asked to donate to a worthy cause. Look at all the dough churches donated to Katrina or to the Pakistani disaster, or to Tsunami relief. Look at what the churches do in the inner cities. It’s incredible, think of how many meals they serve, and the shelter they give, and how many people they clothe. “…

Read it all from the Mayor:
Mitchieville: New Hamshire is Miserly:


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