Dave Declares Fatwa

Dave at Garfield Ridge declares Fatwa against Sony.

…well, not yet but he should.

Sony included a spyware program on some of their new CD’s that opens up your PC to malicious attacks.

Anyone who has purchased one of the CDs, which include southern rockers Van Zant, Neil Diamond’s latest album, and more than 18 others, can exchange the purchase, Sony said. The company added that it would release details of its CD exchange program “shortly.”

Man, that’s gotta cut down on sales.


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  1. F’ing scalawags. . .

    And that’s why *I* will be purchasing it via iTunes.

  2. Isn’t Sony-BMG the biggest producer of rap music these days?

    I recall reading that it was, so one of two things, both good will happen:

    1. Sony-BMG will lose customers, and maybe, just maybe, the rap genre will take another step towards the grave.

    2. The rap listeners will continue to buy Sony music, get the rootkits, get their computers destroyed, and with the dead computers will go rap collections.

    See, there’s a silver lining in every dark cloud.


  3. Under the heading of Practice What You Preach, I went to the store to buy a CD for Mrs. Geezer. The one she wanted had the Sony warning on it.

    I didn’t get it, I’ll just pay to download it from Apple.

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