Movie: North Country

… “The New York Post’s review of North Country confirms that the movie is awash in liberal stereotypes. But one jarring note jumped out at me:

“Inspired by Anita Hill’s testimony at the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Josey talks Bill, a local hockey-hero-turned-lawyer (Woody Harrelson, in his best work in years) into mounting a lawsuit. And like Hill, Josey is confronted by the mine owner’s ‘nuts and sluts’ defense that focuses on her own sexual past.”

The real Jenson case was filed in 1985, six years before the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing. So this particular embellishment is pure fiction. Why did the moviemakers throw it in? Why do you think? The Supreme Court is in the news, and Justice Thomas is a hero to conservatives. So the liberals who made North Country went out of their way to slime him, shifting the movie’s time line by six years just so they could slander a Republican. No wonder conservatives hate Hollywood.”

Read it all at Power Line: Here’s One I Won’t Be Seeing:


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  1. Dear Retired Geezer:

    Please pardon Her Royal Highness, but this comment has nothing to do with “Movie: North Country” and everything to do with the most wonderful Dale Critchlow, a/k/a “Lyle.”

    It shall be noted that Her Majesty has attention deficit disorder. But I digress. Whatever that means. Journalists use it a lot. Must have something to do with food or chewing a cud.

    Who are we gonna vote for? Who? Who?

    Very truly yours,

  2. Hollywood sucks. Big time. I have an unmeasureable level of contempt for it.

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